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In spring 2017 the Brahma Kumaris and the World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST) completed the design, development and installation of India One, a 1 MW solar thermal power plant in Abu Road, Rajasthan. This research project uses the in-house developed 60m² parabolic dish and features an innovative thermal storage for continuous operation. India One generates heat and power for a campus of 25,000 people as well as delivering electricity off the grid for a further 10,000 residents of Mt Abu.  It is a milestone for decentralised clean power generation with storage in India.

Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi praised the Brahma Kumaris for their contribution and incentive when he addressed the 80th anniversary celebrations of Brahma Kumaris via video conferencing.  President Modi went on to confirm India’s commitment towards clean energy and his desire to have India generate 40% energy from non-fossil fuels by 2030.

Team Work

Good Team Work and Brilliant Partners working together since 1995


770 x 60 m2 parabolic dishes & 1 MW peak electrical output


Co-generation, efficient use of thermal energy & modular design

Go green

Motionless cavity receivers as well as efficient use of land space

Project Management

Thermal storage for night operation & direct steam generation


Networked enabled automated dual axis tracking

Godlywood Studios

Brahma Kumaris, World Renewal Spiritual Trust has recently constructed Godlywood Studios in its Shantivan Complex at its International Headquarters at Abu Road, Rajasthan. This highly advanced electronic media studio creates television programs and films dedicated to spreading spiritual knowledge and Raja Yoga meditation. This ambitious studio project is intended to create and air various spiritually oriented TV programs and films was conceived and initiated by BK. Ramesh Shah, Managing Trustee of the Brahma Kumari Organization. To help achieve this vision, Godlywood Studios has installed a HARMAN Studer Vista 1 mixing console to serve at the heart of its audio system.


  • The Brahma Kumaris, World Renewal Spiritual Trust organization is spread over 138 countries with 8,500 centres. Following BK. Ramesh Shah’s vision to create a world-class studio with all functional infrastructure facilities under one roof, the implementation of this project was handed over to Shri. Haridas Bhanushali (BK Harilal). Under the leadership and guidance of BK Harilal, the team executed this project in a short span of one year.


  • Godlywood Studios also features an audio dubbing studio equipped with AKG C414 microphones and dbx processors, as well as an HD multicam shooting floor that has JBL LSR4326 studio monitors.
  • First Studer Vista 1 Digital Mixing Console in India
  • Godlywood Studios has installed a HARMAN Studer Vista 1 mixing console to serve at the heart of its audio system.